Cinque Terre Sun offers you the best connections with local experts and ambassadors of our region. As insiders we can provide personalized service for people seeking new and different experiences in the Ligurian Region. Avoid the big crowds, know the best places to eat, explore and stay for every budget. Whether you are an adrenaline seeker or just looking for an activity that gets you outdoors, we have many options ready for you.

Discover the beautiful town of Bonassola or the fishing village of Framura. There’s also time for elegant Portofino or for a boat trip to Porto Venere. Our team will create tailored itineraries designed to satisfy each and every travel dream. From the moment you arrive, until the minute you leave, we’ll take care of your every need – always ensuring your experience fulfills each of your passions and interests.

Historically fascinating, gastronomically exiting, and culturally aspiring, we offer an abundance of activities to suit all clients’ desires. We take the time to understand the key objectives of your incentive, then design a wish-filled programme for an unforgettable experience amongst family and friends.

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